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According to Greek mythology, the Oneiroi were gods that created dreams. The Oneiroi were sons of Hypos, God of Sleep. Morpheus created humans, Phobetor shaped animal forms, and Phantasos shaped abstract and inanimate dreams.

The Oneiroi Project seeks to bring a collective shape to dreams through visualizing a network of dreams submitted to the Oneiroi project. Dreams are linked by content, date, location, and dreamer, creating a network of associations tracing a series of dreams by any of these subjects. You can submit your own dreams on our dream site or within the Oneiroi environment. (We encourage you to submit via the dream site interface. It is easier and more comprehensie.)

To navigate the Oneiroi dream environment, press any circle to view the dream it represents. You can navagate by clicking circles or by clicking the related links buttons at the bottom of each dream. The site is still very new; you may need to refresh the page if the application freezes. It is still in beta stages. We appreciate your understanding and support.